Camila Cabello releases official performance of “Bam Bam” with beautiful settings

Even having already released other clips from the album “Family“, Camila Cabello continues strong in the dissemination of “bam bam“, second single from the project in partnership with Ed Sheeran. After all, this is the singer’s most prominent song on the charts today.

To boost publicity, this Thursday (19) a Official performance of “Bam Bam”. For the video, a beautiful setting was chosen with a green field with hills, thus giving a beautiful look.

Camila Cabello releases official performance of "bam bam" with beautiful scenery
Photo: VEVO publicity

Camila Cabello dresses all in white, with a very loose outfit that moves with the dance. This effect is repeated with the dancers. In the beginning, she sings in the place, but in a second moment appears a structure where her band is.

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Camila Cabello is the new technique of The Voice USA

THE The Voice of the United States enters its 22nd season with major changes to the coaching staff. Camila Cabello it’s the big news, making its debut. Now, she is the youngest technician to participate in the program, at 25 years old.

Fans are watching the entry of Camila Cabello as a complete cycle of evolution. It is worth remembering that she was revealed on another reality talent show, The X-Factor, as a participant. Years later, she is on the jury’s side.

Who enters, who continues and who leaves?

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

As already said, Camila Cabello is the one who enters. However, fans of the show suffer two losses. Kelly Clarkson is one of the biggest, as she stayed as coach for the last 8 seasons and already had a mark on the show, winning with her team 4 times. Who also leaves Ariana Grandewho participated in a single season.

who comes back Gwen Stefaniwho has coached seasons 7, 9, 12, 17, 19 and returns in season 22. She is the wife of Blake Shelton and, therefore, is always close to production.

who continues is Blake Sheltonwho is since the first season, champion of victories. John Legend, by the way, continues for its seventh straight season. Finally, the presenter continues to be Carson Daly.

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