Camila Cabello says social media is a good platform to share positive messages

Camila Cabello

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Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello says social media is a good platform to share positive messages

The 24-year-old singer last month posted a video addressing people who criticize her body and admitting that she is proud of her “curves, cellulite, stretch marks and folds.”

Now Camila has confessed that it is easier for her critics to send her negative comments through social media, but at the same time she can respond to them and translate them into something positive.

She said: “I think social media can be a good thing. When I can post stuff like a recent video where I say, “I have cellulite, stretch marks and sometimes I’m getting fat and that’s normal,” that’s liberating for me. ”

Nevertheless, the creator of the hit “Havana” takes regular breaks from the Internet for her mental health because of expectations that everything she publishes should be joyful and positive.

She added: “Yesterday I had a day off and I thought to myself, ‘Today I’m not going to be active on social media.’ They make my brain work too fast and sometimes I have to take a break. Sometimes I get the feeling, and I’m sure a lot of people, especially pop singers, that this narrative is, in a way, attributed to me. ”

Camila, who is dating Shawn Mendes, wants what she posts on social media to be a reflection of what she is.

On the British show “Lorraine” she said: “I am grateful for social media because it allows me to control my own narrative and share what I really am – unlike people who tell other people who they think I am. It makes me feel better, but other things [związane z mediami społecznościowymi] are really frustrating. “

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