Camila Cabello was inspired by Hailey Bieber for “Hasta Los Dientes”? See theory!

We know that the world of celebrities is full of internal bullshit, right? Proof of this is the fan theory about Camila Cabello’s new song, “Hasta Los Dientes”. The track was released on the album “Familia” in April, but has just won an amazing clip this Friday (13). The Cuban and singer Maria Becerra, responsible for the feat. of the song, also gave special interviews, talking about the inspiration for the lyrics.

Quickly, fans remembered a specific moment with Hailey Bieber, who possibly had an affair with Shawn Mendes, who could be responsible for all the lyrics of “Hasta Los Dientes”. And it makes sense, see?

Camila Cabello explains inspiration behind single

In “Hasta Los Dientes”, Camila and Maria sing about feeling excessively jealous and there are some key passages for the theory: “Knowing your past crushes me. Even sleeping, I imagine you with her and I feel sick” and “Boy, even in my dreams you make me suffer. I saw you with your ex and I wanted to die”.

During the chat with her colleague from the feat., Camila explained a little about the inspiration of the song, which was about her last relationship. In this case, her relationship with Shawn Mendes, which ended in November last year, after more than two years.

“It was about the last relationship I had. I was so in love, I was jealous of his ex-girlfriends. I dreamed about it before I made the song,” said Cabello. It could have just been a random comment, but they soon remembered that Camila Camila Cabello actually saw Shawn Mendes with his ex at an important Hollywood event.

Did Camila Cabello Wrote Song About Hailey?

Rumors indicate that Shawn Mendes had a brief relationship with Hailey Bieber – when she was still Baldwin. In 2018, they even attended the Met Gala together and it was at the event the following year that the fateful meeting between the group of celebrities took place.

Camila, Shawn, Hailey and her current husband, Justin Bieber, chatted backstage. The moment even yielded video!

In the quick footage, you can see that Camila is going to talk to Hailey and everyone exchanges compliments, in a friendly atmosphere. Also in an interview for the release of “Hasta Los Dientes”, Cabello said: “jealousy is suffering because you want to, sometimes it prevents you from being friends with that person [ex-namorada]”. In other words, is there friendship coming?

As soon as the album “Familia” was released, many people associated the song with the blonde. Now, with the clip and interviews, the theory seems to have gained even more traction. Whether it’s about Hailey or not, “Hasta Los Dientes” is already a huge hit – and that’s what matters!

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