Camila Cabello was racist? He takes part in special activities to improve himself

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello
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It is a rarity in the celebrity world to admit guilt and apologize. That is why Camila Cabello deserves praise! The star admitted that the language she used and the jokes she shared were not right. The singer knows that she can be better, so she takes part in special anti-discrimination classes.

In show business you don’t often see apologizing stars. Most often it is posting a shallow statement on Instagram in which you apologize to those offended and that’s it. Meanwhile, Camila Cabello released a long post a year ago admitting that she had used “ignorant” and “racist” language in the past. It was about sharing and writing racist memes and insults on Tumblr.

Now Camila Cabello takes responsibility and wants to be better. The star attends special anti-discrimination classes.

Camila Cabello is fighting racism

Last year, Camila Cabello admitted in a voluminous statement that she had used “ignorant” and “racist” language in the past. She promised to improve. In fact, it has addressed this problem.

Camila Cabello attends National Compadres.

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It created a space in which I was held accountable. You get corrected, you do your homework and study. This is how you move forward. Now I know more so I can be better.

The star spoke in an interview with People.

Do you think Camila Cabello will inspire other stars?

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