Camila Cabello: What to expect from the show at Rock in Rio 2022

Camila Cabello seems to be as excited as the fans to return to Brazil. At the twitterthe singer asked in Portuguese which song should be covered or danced during the show at Rock in Rio 2022. Apparently, the singer will spare no effort to create a unique performance in World stage on September 10.

It would not be the first time that Camila prepares surprises for the country since leaving the girl group Fifth Harmony. In 2018, she first came solo for four shows. During a performance in São Paulo, she invited anita to the stage of Z Festival. the two sang paradinha and Real Friends together.

After releasing the album Romance (2019), Camila Cabello had to cancel the promotion tour that would start in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The time at home was enough for the creation of a new record. In Family (2022), the singer opened up about mental health issues, difficulties in her relationship with Shawn Mendes and threw herself into her Latin roots – she was born in Havana, the capital of Cuba.

Since then, the singer has been doing some occasional shows. She is also preparing to debut as one of the judges on the North American version of The Voice on the 19th of September. In the same month, Camila Cabello’s schedule will start to get busy.

In Brazil, it only announced its participation in the Rock in Rio, on the same night as Coldplay. After that, it will serve as the band’s opening show in Peru, Colombia and Chile. Coldplay still returns in October for 8 shows in Brazil. But the singer HER. will replace Camila here.

Singer mixes singles and dance

In the United States, Camila Cabello has made some presentations with a leaner style. at the festival Wango Tangoin California, for example, she contrasted the screen’s projections of saturated, tropical landscapes with a black costume and just five dancers.

The singer has opened the shows with senoritaa partnership launched with Shawn Mendes in 2019, which inspired a feat by Luan Santana and Luísa Sonza in Brazil. The song was the singer’s biggest hit since her breakout with Havanafrom 2017, which is usually the second track on the setlist.

The songs from Familia (2022) make up the bulk of the show, with the tracks psychofreak, Don’t Go Yet and bam bam (feat com Ed Sheeran). In No DoubtCamila Cabello still amends a dance full of rolls to the sound of Gasolinehit of Daddy Yankee from 2004.

Likely setlist by Camila Cabello

  • senorita
  • Havana
  • psychofreak
  • Never Be the Same
  • quiet
  • No Doubt
  • My Oh My
  • bam bam
  • Don’t Go Yet

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