Camila Giorgi’s hottest images make her an Instagram star

Camila Giorgi has a lot of followers on Instagram

Camila Giorgi is one of the most followed tennis players on social media, but not just for her skills on the court.

The Italian player has reached her career-high No. 26 in the WTA rankings and reached the quarterfinals at Wimbledon in 2018.

She also won the 2021 Canadian Open title, one of the WTA’s most prestigious tournaments, to clinch the biggest title of her career.

Yet take a look at her Instagram page and you’ll see just as many photos of her love of fashion as you will of her tennis successes.

Giorgi has an impressive 733k followers on Instagram, with his fans loving his regular images of him in his latest designer clothes.

camila giorgi
Camila Giorgi posted a set of images on social media that have caused a stir

Giorgi wears Giomila clothes made by her mother’s company when she is on the court, and her Instagram account has become a platform to showcase her fashion shoots.

His mother Claudia Fullon has always been keen to take his love for stylish clothes to the court and this has helped him attract a huge number of fans around the world.

Some in the tennis community have suggested that Giorgi should focus on tennis and put her fashion shoots on hold to focus on her sport, but she revealed in an interview last year that she wanted to relax away from tennis. Prefers this method.

“Fashion has always been a big passion of mine,” she said. “I love sports, but I love fashion more. A passion that has dominated me since childhood.

“There is no need to justify anything, I would like to say: I am working with a professional photographer who knows how to do his job. I like everything and it gives me satisfaction.

“My mom always tells me to take advantage of how long you can show your body because after that you can’t!”
Giorgi is one of the many female players with a large following on Instagram, with this list highlighting some of the biggest tennis influencers.

Serena Williams – 17 million

A cultural icon as well as a tennis superhero, Williams retired with 23 Grand Slam titles in her collection and an army of fans around the world.

Now a mother of two, she promotes her fashion choices on Instagram and also offers some pearls of wisdom to her army of fans.

2. Sania Mirza – 12.3 million

Mirza is an Indian former professional tennis player who has always had a huge number of followers on social media.

A three-time Grand Slam doubles champion, her followers on social media confirm that she has left a huge legacy in her career.

3. Maria Sharapova – 4.6 million

One of the most popular tennis players of all time has plenty of fans around the world and her Instagram account is regularly updated with images of her life after tennis.

Promoting a positive image The Russian star, who now lives in the US, is still one of the most recognizable faces in tennis.

4. Naomi Osaka- 2.7 million

On her way back to tennis after giving birth to her first child, Osaka will immediately be one of the biggest names in the draw if she achieves her goal of playing at the Australian Open in January.

One of the highest-paid female athletes in the world due to her lucrative sponsorship deals, Osaka is a four-time Grand Slam champion.

5. Emma Raducanu – 2.5 million

Raducanu’s Instagram account has been a controversial platform as many of his critics have suggested that his eagerness to promote his sponsors has affected his focus on his career.

Advertisements for airlines, banks and other sponsors mixed images of Raducanu’s efforts to return to the top of the sport.

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