Camille Cottin, this career that she did not dare to embrace: “My entourage calmed me down a bit”

The American favorite actress is back in French cinemas! This Wednesday, September 6, Camille Cottin is on the bill of Tony with family. In this dramatic comedy directed by the young Riviera prodigy Nathan Ambrosioni, the actress embodies the quadra Antonia, nicknamed Toni, alone to raise her five children. A full-time job. In the evening, the one who won a famous telecrochet 20 years ago and recorded a hit single, sings. But as her two eldest prepare to leave the nest, Toni wonders: what does she know how to do, apart from motherhood? She then decides to resume her studies, to the great displeasure of her offspring.

In an interview given to Nice morning, Camille Cottin has revealed the career she could have embraced in her youth, if her relatives had not dissuaded her. “Did you want to be a singer?” asks him daily. “Yes, but those around me calmed me down a bit (laughs). Fairly quickly, I realized that it was perhaps not essential”had fun the actress of which Brad Pitt said “fan”. “I would love to do a musical, but you have to dance at the same time. It must be fantastic”she also confided.

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Camille Cottin’s apprehensions about her children

In real life, Camille Cottin is lucky to be well surrounded. If she portrays a single mother with five children in Tony with family, the actress, she knows that she can count on her companion Benjamin Mahon to help and relieve her on a daily basis. In an interview with our colleagues from Madame Figarothe interpreter of Andréa Martel in Ten percent agreed to talk more about her role as a mother. If her daughter Anna is still young (8 years old, editor’s note), Camille Cottin also lives with a second child, his son Léon Gabriel, who is slowly but surely approaching adolescence.

A period that she apprehends? “Yes, I’m slowly approaching it with my 13-year-old son, Léon. So I’m taking out the mainsail, and I’m ready to face any storms and storms to come., she assured our colleagues. Before adding: “But I love teenagers, I find them touching. The mutation, when the body and the head try to agree in something a little dissonant, fascinates me. By his side, his companion keep an eye outas she explained. “The father of my children is trying to limit the listening of certain raps, whose texts can be misogynistic and violentaware that our son has not yet acquired the necessary distance to understand the subject”, she said. Attentive and cautious parents vis-à-vis their offspring.


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