Camille Cottin: this huge American star is a fan of the Connasse series

Currently in full promotion for the release of the film Tony with familywhich will be released in theaters on September 6 and in which she plays the leading role, Camille Cottin confided in her career and in particular her meeting with a huge Hollywood star, who revealed to her that she was a fan of her series. Bitch.

What a career that of Camille Cottin. In almost ten years, the actress has become one of the most important figures of French cinema. After a very remarkable debut on Canal + thanks to the series Bitchas well as her reprise of the role of Phoebe Waller-Bridges in the remake of the series flea bagthe actress was quickly adopted by the public, with her character of Andréa Martel in the series Ten percent. A fiction that allowed him to meet big stars in the middle, like Line Renaud, Françoise Fabian, and even the interpreter of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, Sigourney Weaver.

From now on, Camille Cottin plays alongside the most popular stars of Hollywood. Recently, she gave the reply to Matt Damon in StillWater, played the main villain of the series Killing Eveand even entered the universe Star Wars. A career that could well have pushed her to settle in the United States, as she recently revealed at the microphone of Léa Salamé. Among the emblematic actors that she had the opportunity to meet, there is Brad Pitt, who made a rather surprising revelation to her.

Brad Pitt under the spell of Camille Cottin

Guest of RTL for the promotion of the film Tony with familyCamille Cottin returned to her career and her meeting with several great American stars, and especially Brad Pitt, with whom she shot in a Wes Anderson commercial, as well as in the film allies by Robert Zemeckis. It was during the filming of the spy feature film that she met Marion Cotillard, who was then trying to teach French to Brad Pitt.

It was then that the Oscar-winning actress had the idea to introduce the series Bitch to the American actor, as Camille Cottin recounts: When I met Marion Cotillard on the film Allies, Brad Pitt had to learn French. She gave him movies to see. She said to me: ‘He has to see Connasse’. He came back the next day and said, ‘You’ve got balls’ A reaction that surprised Camille Cottin, of which Brad Pitt has since been one of the biggest fans. The class!

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