Can companies change working hours?

The current historical context in terms of energy allows companies to make particular decisions, in particular with regard to energy and bills. In fact, companies can change the working hours of their employees on the basis of the employment contract. Let’s see the details of the story together!

To make sure of save on bills and expensive energy, companies are ready to implement extraordinary measures, which will allow them to save a lot of money. Some of the decisions that need to be made may involve reducing working days, at least in the office, or one different articulation of the work.

Let’s delve into the matter together in the following article together.

Energy: can working hours be changed to save money?


We begin to analyze the situation by exploring the regulatory horizons on the subject, offered by Legislative Decree 66/2003. Thanks to this it is in fact possible to go and distribute theworking hours in a different and completely innovative way. The ability to save a lot of money will lead companies to explore new possibilitiessuch as the four-day working day.

In fact, article 3 paragraph 2 of the aforementioned legislative decree says that:

Collective bargaining agreements may establish, for contractual purposes, a shorter duration and refer normal hours to the average duration of work performed over a period not exceeding one year.

Energy: what will the new working day be like?


Let’s see now how it could be there new working day, which will have to be modified to ensure energy and monetary savings for businesses. One of the first possibilities is that which provides for the reduction of working days to four: in this way, the business can be closed on a specific day.

This will clearly result in a increase in working hours in the previous days, which should go from eight hours to ten consecutive hours. This scenario is entirely possible and legally foreseen.

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