can cut the costs of an eight-story condominium in half

How to fight the expensive bills? There is a foolproof way to cut gas and electricity costs: do not consume. The government is about to launch a major campaign to teach Italians to save energy, through small daily habits: shorten the shower, cook with the fire off, turn off the TV stand-by. But there is another, much more effective way to avoid consuming gas and electricity: doing the thermal coat to your home. It can cut the energy consumption of a house by a third, and almost halve that of an eight-story apartment building. Cortexa, the association of external insulation companies, made the calculations.

The thermal coat, how much you save

Thermal insulation can save 30 to 33% energy in a two-story house, and 40 to 45% in an eight-story condominium. The variation depends on where you live: the colder it gets, the more you save. And these are important figures, not only for individual families, but also for the whole country. Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption, and 36% of CO2 emissions in Europe. Cortexa points out that «the situation of the Italian building stock is very worrying from the point of view of energy consumption and environmental impact. The construction of most of the buildings (approximately 78%) dates back to the time when no real energy saving measures were adopted, ie before Law 373 of 1976 ». In Italy there are about one million condominiums, mostly built before the 1980s, and therefore highly energy-intensive. About 53% of the 22.5 million homes have never been subject to maintenance. There are about 11.5 million houses in low energy classes, with high consumption and pollution.

How much does it cost

The cost of an external thermal coat varies according to the materials used. By consulting various websites, you can make a rough estimate of 80-100 euros per square meter. And it is an intervention that can take advantage of the Superbonus at 110%. The latter does not apply to the internal coat of a single apartment, which however can enjoy the 50 or 65% bonuses for energy redevelopment. For eligible expenses, ranging from 50,000 euros for single-family buildings, to 40,000 euros multiplied by the number of real estate units that make up the building for condominiums with a maximum of 8 residential units, to 30,000 euros multiplied by the number of real estate units that make up the building for buildings with more than 8 dwellings.

For Alessandro Monaco di Cortexa, «the bodies and institutions that deal with energy have largely concentrated on suggesting virtuous behavior to Italians in their daily lives. What is completely missing is the call to the desire to develop a national energy plan aimed at solving the problem of energy dependence, together with a solid strategy to reduce energy consumption which, in the building sector, first of all passes from energy efficiency. Whatever the source of supply, to achieve real savings it is first necessary to reduce waste ».

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