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While his position at Chelsea is fully locked, there is a huge risk Romelu Lukaku will arrive on international break this summer without having played a minute. Under these circumstances, can Domenico Tedesco afford not to call up the Devils’ top scorer?

Romelu Lukaku Hasn’t played an official match in the Red Devils jersey since 20 June. He then scored a double, before the famous armband scandal broke out and Belgium’s good performance in Estonia was forgotten.

Since then, the top scorer in Devils history has had a downfall. He hasn’t found a club since locking down at Chelsea, with one door after another closing. Even during preparation, Lukaku did not play a minute: in fact this is not his last match Officer The date of which is June 20, but that was the last time Romelu was seen on the football pitch for a match, even for a friendly match.

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Next on September 9, the day of Belgium’s match in Baku, Azerbaijan, so it will take more than 2 months – to be honest: about 11 days to 3 months – without game momentum for Romelu Lukaku. What we know is that he is professional and that he will not fall out of form… But we also know that he needs to keep going, as proved by his return from injury with Inter Milan.

This question, however far-fetched it may seem, could potentially arise: Domenico Tedesco Should he work without his top scorer, who is still the author of 3 goals in 2 games during the last international break? The German-Italian might not put it in these terms, but knows he is facing a real problem.

yes, lukaku will be called

Removal of false mystery: Unless he himself asked for it for X or Y reason, Romelu Lukaku will be among the primary 23 names listed by Tedesco from Tubize on 1 September. For several reasons which would be sufficient even if taken separately.

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Because Domenico Tedesco, since Lukaku’s arrival, has scored 7 goals in 4 games (take a second to reread that statistic). Because even when he was struggling at Inter, he always devoted himself to selection. Because he is one of these famous “pillars” of the Devils chosen by Tedesco when he arrived… and for these meetings in September the coach will already be deprived of 2 of them, De Bruyne and Courtois.

Ultimately, because Romelu is Lukaku In fact In the absence of the Devils’ captain, Thibaut Courtois, due to injury, that would dampen any controversy. Did Wales do without Gareth Bale during his difficult time at Real? The history of the national selection is replete with such cases and Tedesco knows it.

Withdrawn, but on the bench?

A fact remains: this is not the best version of Romelu Lukaku who will arrive in Tubize on 4 September. Unless the situation changes drastically, the top scorer in Devils history may not have played a minute yet, or even trained with a group yet – it is also possible that he has No club, as Saudi Arabia will close its transfer window on 7 September.

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At the same time, it looks like Lois Openda has adapted well to RB Leipzig and is already finding the net there; Hugo Cuypers hits the target on all fronts with La Gantoise, and should get his first choice. Given the weak opposition (Azerbaijan and Estonia) in the schedule, Tedesco may opt to make Lukaku a luxury wild card and see what the Devils are capable of without him. Keeping him integrated into the group, and discussing the future with him in the medium term… because Euro 2024 is already tomorrow.

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