Can You Keep A Secret: interview with Alexandra Daddario

Can You Keep A Secret by Elise Duran for her protagonist, Alexandra Daddario, is a ‘message of female solidarity’: the film was presented in Rome in 2019 in the section Alice in the city.





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Can You Keep a Secret?: Tyler Hoechlin and Alexandra Daddario in a scene from the film

Choose to adapt a novel as Can You Keep a Secret Sophie Kinsella means, above all, to create a fresh, without great pretensions authorial and pure entertainment. And so it was for the film directed by Elise Duran starring Alexandra Daddario (the film is also executive producer) and Tyler Hoechlin and is based on the homonymous novel by the author of I Love Shopping known in Italy with the title you Know you hold a secret?.

Distributed in Italy by Leone Film Group, ” Can You Keep a Secret? it was presented in preview in the section of the autonomous Alice in the city in the colourful setting of the Rome film Festival. A film that, as underlined by three women architects of his birth (Alexandra Daddario, Elise Duran and Sophie Kinsella) behind the apparent joy and spontaneity, it hides a deep message of female solidarity and mutual support.

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Between Girl Power and female solidarity

Can You Keep A Secret 3

Can You Keep a Secret?: Tyler Hoechlin, Alexandra Daddario in a scene from the film

At the center of the Can You Keep a Secret? we have Emma, an ordinary girl who, during a flight in turbulent she meets the charming and mysterious Jack. Convinced that the plane on which the two are traveling to be close to crashing, the girl ends up telling all his innermost secrets to the boy. Past the fear and the initial awkwardness, everything seems to be back to normal, if it were not that Jack is actually the co-founder of the company that he works for the same Emma.
In Can You Keep a Secret? you smile, and you spend almost two hours of complete relaxation. The entire work is invested with the typical optimism that surrounds the stories born from the mind of Sophie Kinsella. Page after page, the reader and the spectator in the cinema then begins to get to know Emma, he smiles of his idiosyncrasies and identifies herself with her fears. Although up-to-date from the point of view of the narrative, the film retains the spirit and the soul of the novel from which it draws inspiration, as underlined by the same director: “as much as I have tried to update it, the more you are the heart that beats in my film is the same as that of the novel of Sophie. Both deal, after all, content is universal and real, able to maintain its freshness despite the passing of years”.

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Can You Keep a Secret?: a scene from the movie with Tyler Hoechlin

The same Alexandra Daddario has seen in the young protagonist the image of an ordinary woman capable of rising to the model for all the spectators. A reflective surface of the thousand doubts that we cling to it and, at the same time, a model of positivity and revenge. As she herself told “I adored this book, not only because it makes me laugh and at the same time to move, but because it still has a message deeper than what you could transpose on the surface. The beauty of this story is, in fact, in his attempt to exalt the feminine strength and the bond of sincere solidarity that characterizes us. That’s why, as a producer, I wanted to work with a woman director. The book, like the film, is a work centered on women and I wanted that to be part of it were the only girls strong, capable of conveying with ease the deep meaning of the story: learn to support each other, showing our determination”.

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Can You Keep a Secret?: Kimiko Glenn in a scene from the film

The same solidarity that binds Emma with her girls living together and that the director hopes will be adopted as a model for its spectators of all ages, is the same that joined the cast and the entire technical staff on the set, Sophie Kinsella including.
“When I was offered to translate my novel to the big screen, I understood immediately how the producers, and then Alexandra and Elise, they loved my book. I was happy to have participated in it myself, the script, and have been involved in this project, by visiting physically the set, and by closely following the birth of this film.”

Share secrets of getting to know oneself

What makes a relationship? The mutual trust. And from where can come this sense of trust towards others and total loyalty towards them? Surely the sharing of memories, personal moments, and, above all, secrets. He is strongly convinced Alexandra Daddario, according to which “tell the secrets brings to light the vulnerability of the people. Creates a relationship between human beings in a world that is increasingly connected, always proves to be the most disconnected. Although I don’t have many secrets to tell, I wish to emphasize that, according to me, the most important thing that the human being must learn is the ability to express their feelings and emotions with honesty.”

Alexandra Daddario movies and TV series

Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson and Alexandra Daddario stars of the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The lightning thief

Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson and Alexandra Daddario stars of the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The lightning thief

It was 2010 when a very young Alexandra Daddario is launched in the cinematic landscape from the one that would have to be the first chapter of a long saga: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The lightning thief. The film was a box office success, so much so that in a few years the young actress, class of 1986, has accumulated roles more and more interesting projects, more or less known to the public at large (by Buryng the Ex Joe Dante, Baywatch Seth Gordon). A career summer, her, who brought her to work for both the small and the large screen. In fact, in 2014, his appearance in the already acclaimed tv series True Detective, while in recent times it has participated in other interesting projects such as The Last Man on Earth and Why Women Kill.

Baywatch: an image that portrays Alexandra Daddario

Baywatch: an image that portrays Alexandra Daddario

As for the other many of his colleagues, to go from a tv set, that film is not a problem for Alexandra Daddario. An interchange of actors and the authors facilitated in recent years by a revolution in the field of television that has led to the realization of projects the most ambitious and commercially successful. An equality that the actress has been able to grasp and summarize: “things for television and the cinema are so advanced that the differences between the two don’t even exist anymore. What changed, if anything, is the mode to go to the cinema and take advantage of these services vision. We have reached levels so high in terms of quality between film and TV that came also miss what was once the stigma of a tv actor at the expense of the film. As for me, I can say that I love working in both sectors, something that was unthinkable ten years ago when I started to move my first steps in the world of cinema. This elimination of barriers in quality between film and TV, not only led to the emergence of a mode of vision experience completely innovative, as the on-demand, or digital platforms such as Netflix, but it has provided more opportunities for young authors to realize their projects, giving more space to women”.

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