Canada is fighting the aftermath of the floods. More downpours possible

The bodies of three more victims were found in a mudslide in British Columbia on Sunday. Damage assessment is underway in the province, and traffic on highways and railroads is being restored. Canada’s meteorologists predict another downpour next week.

They were found victims of a landslide on Highway 99 near Lilloet. The first of the missing persons was found on Monday.

“Another deceased person was found on Wednesday, and the next two on Thursday. The search for the fifth missing person continued on Friday, but they did not bring results,” British Columbia’s chief coroner Lisa Lapointe wrote on Saturday. Highway 99 is one of the main roads in southern British Columbia.

The landslides on the motorway also occurred on Highway 7 near Agassiz, where on Sunday two landslides blocked around 50 cars and from where 311 people were evacuated by helicopters on Monday.

– It’s hard to watch. The sight is devastating. I am glad to be here and I can help all those in need. I grew up in this neighborhood. Now I help all those people who have lost all their property. The awareness of how destructive nature can be is shocking, assessed Nik Zimmerman, a Royal Canadian Air Force soldier, dedicated to helping with the aftermath of the flood.


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