Cancer patients in the province are being sent to private hospitals, and the province is left with just one nuclear medicine doctor

Chaos is taking over services nuclear medicine The Provincial Hospital of Castellón is the only service in the province that prepares follow-up treatment reports for cancer patients. One doctor fired, another expert resigned A few months ago, two more people were discharged from hospital due to illness in recent days, leaving Only professionals are responsible To be precise, he was the last one to arrive in the department to fill the vacant position.

The lack of professionals, in addition to slowing down patient reporting, has forced hospitals such as General, Vinaròs and La Plana to Refer patient to Valencia 9 d’Octubre Hospital, private center, Due to the inability of the Nuclear Medicine Service of the Provincial Hospital of Castellon to conduct all tests. This newspaper reported on the numerous issues facing the district in December, which coincided with the arrival of a new management team led by the manager. Matias Real, who said on Thursday he was looking for a replacement For experts who call in sick.

Members of the service have sent multiple letters to managers warning Questions that have arisen since the appointment of new medical director Daniel Flores, He is a member of the Nuclear Medicine team and serves as Acting Service Director.from Keao be reiterated The situation is “serious” due to “conflicts between nuclear medicine professionals and management”. The union said: “Patients are paying the price for poor management of services.”

last sick leave Happenings from team members This Thursday, after a professional He had to be treated in the emergency room on Wednesday anxiety crisis Facing the many problems accumulated in nuclear medicine. Its members issued a final letter over the Christmas holidays in which they insisted on problems that had persisted since the medical director took up his post.

“Dr. Flores simultaneously holds two highly complex positions, Medical Director and Acting Director, as he himself describes and as you yourself have confirmed on multiple occasions,” the letter to the manager stated. The letter warned «The services of the acting chief organization include ordering and imposing tasks without consensus, Until 3-4 months ago, listen to or respond to suggestions from your former colleagues.

“From my first day as medical director, the service was two doctors short; Flores developed a work plan that was even better than what we had when we were five doctors, and he was one of them., adds the written content to the address. The nuclear medicine doctor warned that “teamwork, consensus and democracy are fundamental, which is why we are always critical of taxation and authoritarian attitudes.”

As of December 16, nuclear medicine has accumulated more than 170 unreported files. That’s according to hospital sources reviewed by this newspaper. The accumulation of work was exacerbated by staff shortages as two specialists stopped working (one due to sick leave and the other due to the decision to resign) and were joined by two more demoted professionals. it.

In addition, according to this newspaper, the unit also No service director since March Marcos Tajahuerce, who now works at the IVO, left the position, which was not filled by the former Ministry of Health. Taking on the acting leadership role is the medical director, who is a member of the nuclear medicine team.

precisely, Four of the new medical director’s colleagues have been cleared from the hospital. None of them are working anymore, as there is only one doctor hired on a temporary basis to cover the sick leave of departing colleagues. Documents directed by the hospital’s own head of legal services.

Asked about the situation in the field of nuclear medicine, the Provincial Hospital of Castellon assured on Thursday that it had been informed of the departure of another doctor but that “patient care has not been interrupted and will not be interrupted.” That said, the hospital does test its own patients, but patients from other centers in the province are referred to Valencia.

«Today – this Thursday, for our readers – Procedures initiated to cover two sick days What happened this week. As it could not have been otherwise, the management team wishes them a speedy recovery. ” said the center’s management.

In a final letter written by nuclear medicine doctors to Matias Real, manager of the Provincial Hospital Alliance, they pointed out a number of issues regarding their status as professionals. According to documents released to four doctors, they flatly stated that, «We do not refuse workall of us have extensive work experience, especially three doctors who have Have more than 20 years of experience and the other person has at least 10 years of experienceI have worked in many public and private hospitals, and the workload is much greater than this hospital. Furthermore, they added: “We have been working in this hospital for several years and have shown our professionalism. Completely different personalities and sometimes different ideas about work, The four doctors always cooperate with each other in a tacit understandingput everyone’s different ideas on the table, Agreement reached by consensus.

At this point, they warned They “have been publicly accused of lacking morals and attitudes and even ‘boycotting’ You yourself were accused up to three times at a conference on December 14th in front of five witnesses, all of whom were very serious.

Regarding the situation on the nuclear medicine service, the doctors warned that “as expected and warned on multiple occasions”, delays and traffic jams in the preparation of the report were unacceptable and they intended to blame the doctors for this. We have never refused to execute a pending report, We have documented in many works that Notify management and medical director by registering possible occurrences If we were to do more exploration than the crew is currently capable of, we would reach a crash or funnel situation Within a reasonable time for both the doctor and the patient.

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