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Goodbye that of the American pharmaceutical multinational is definitive Johnson & Johnson to one of its flagship products: the talcum powder. Lovers of Johnson & Johnson products will have to give up their talc. This is the decision made by the company after a series of lawsuits that accused their product of being carcinogenic.

After two years from the stop of sales in the United States, these days the multinational announced that will stop producing and sell his talc worldwide. There are in fact thousands lawsuits in the United States by consumers who claimed to have contracted the cancer after using talc-based products for prolonged periods.

According to consumers, the group has minimized – if not hidden – i cancer risks caused by the product, asking for a hefty compensation. Meanwhile, the company has announced that it is planning a new talc completely based on corn starch. Here’s everything you need to know about the affair and if the Johnson & Johnson talc It’s really carcinogenic.

Farewell to Johnson & Johnson baby powder: here’s when and why

Stop to the production of Johnson & Johnson talc. The colossus has decided to suspend from the next 2023 the worldwide sale of his talcum powder. The decision is linked to the numerous lawsuits that the company has had to face, as well 40 thousandfor the alleged link between the talcum powder and the tumors ovarian and mesothelioma (cancer of the mesothelium, tissue that lines the lungs, heart, stomach and other organs).

On June 24, 2020, the company was sentenced in the United States for its talcallegedly containing traces of asbestoswould have resulted in a ovarian cancer to 22 women.

A Missouri court of appeal had in fact confirmed the verdict of a minor court against the US multinational, but halving the compensation, which fell from 4.69 to 2.1 billion dollars, after some of those women who had sued the company were excluded from the case. Johnson & Johnson later appealed this decision, but the American Supreme Court rejected it in June 2021. Hence the decision to suspend the production of its talcum powder, although the multinational reiterates its firm position on product safety.

Goodbye Johnson & Johnson talcum powder: new talc with corn starch

What if Johnson & Johnson they say says stop at his talcum powderthis is not to say that the company will no longer produce any product based on talc. The company has indeed decided to switch to baby-based products cornstarch.

The group added that this product is already sold in countries around the world. “We continue to evaluate and optimize our portfolio to be better positioned for long-term growth, This transition will help streamline our product offering”, Explains the pharmaceutical giant.

Is Johnson & Johnson talcum powder really carcinogenic?

Faced with such news there is only one question to be answered: the Johnson & Johnson talc It’s really carcinogenic? According to the indictment, and women who have contracted ovarian cancer do, while the giant remains convinced of the safety of its product.

According to a study reported on the website ofAircthe foundation for cancer research, the eventual increase of the risk of cancer to the ovaries, in case of prolonged exposure to talcum powder in the genitals is “modest in absolute value “. The experts all agree: the ovarian cancer it is an infrequent disease and represents less than 3% of all cases of cancer.

Also according to the Airc study, the research conducted in recent years Not they indicated the talc among the possible risk factors for ovarian cancer. The studies conducted on talc, seeing the product as a possible carcinogen, are not considered rigorous, since to verify the relationship between talc And risk of cancerthe participants were asked to remember what they did in the past, looking for an event or behavior in any case,

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