“Candy” on Hulu: why the creators kept Justin Timberlake’s appearance a secret in episode 4 [Exclusive]

Candy in Hulu with Jessica Biel premiered on May 9, but suddenly her husband, Justin Timberlake, appeared in episode 4. The entire cast and crew kept her role in the real crime drama a secret. However, she is such a big star that she is shocking Hulu and the Candy the creators did not advertise her appearance in Candy Montgomery’s true story.

Justin Timberlake appears in “Candy” in episode 4 of Hulu

Candy Episode 4 shocks fans with a surprise appearance of Justin Timberlake at around 7:00. An agent gets a phone call in a dark room and slowly gets out of bed. Viewers don’t see that the person is Timberlake until he examines his clothes in the closet. He then he looks straight at the camera, but he’s still not recognizable as the NSYNC pop icon that all fans love. He has a dark mustache and an 80s haircut.

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