Candyman – Nia DaCosta is the first black director to hold a box office record

The horror film “Candyman” hit theaters and took first place at the box office. Nia DaCosta – the creator of the film, became the first black director to be so successful. How much did the new version of “Candyman” earn?

The last weekend of August 2021 in the US belongs to the movie Candyman. Long awaited continuation of the famous slasher from the 90s She turned out to be a cinema hit and hit the top of the podium of the highest-earning productions. What is the financial result of “Candyman” directed by Nii DaCosty.

“Candyman” – Nia DaCosta is the first black director to hold a box office record

The Candyman Series apart from the gruesome murder scenes, from the very beginning it carried a social commentary. It is no different in the case of the new film by Fr. a phantom with a hook instead of a hand, appearing after saying his name five times while looking in the mirror. Apart from the entertainment value, they also appear real world content.

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Candyman - YAHYA ABDUL-MATEEN II - film still

As reported by Deadline, DaCosty’s movie earned $ 20.4 million during the first weekend after the premiere. Same the creator became the first black director whose production hit the top of the box office. The previous record belonged to Avy DuVernay and her production of “The Trap of Time”, which is found on the second place the best productions, right after the movie “Black Panther”. Even so, “Time Trap” made more money in its opening weekend because $ 33.1 million but it is worth considering that in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, the attendance of cinema viewers has significantly decreased.

DaCosta’s debut was a movie Little Woods from 2018. The drama of Tessa Thompson and Lily James in the main roles he touched on many serious topics such as poverty, access to healthcare and justice. The social dimension of the director’s creative interests was also reflected in the new “Candyman”, because to a greater extent than the original horror film, production focuses on systemic racism present in the United States.

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“Candyman” – what is the movie about?

The story unfolds many years after the events of the original slasher. The title specter has become an urban legend about which the inhabitants Cabrini-Green in Chicago they still remember. Photographer Anthony (Abdul-Mateen II), who lives in the area with his girlfriend Brianna (Teyonah Parris), fascinated by the story of Candyman, decides to unravel his mystery. The producer of the new “Candyman” is Jordan Peele – creator of such horror films as “Run away!” and “That’s us”. The film can be watched in cinemas from August 27, 2021.

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