Canelle is not only a Bordeaux cake, it’s also the big decorating trend of the moment and here’s how to own it

Canelle is no longer just a typical Bordeaux dish, canelle also lends its name and its distinctive shape to one of the major decoration trends of the moment. As a symbol of geometry as well as irregularity, the fluted pattern is determined to make waves in our interiors, its stripes bringing the most sophisticated graphic touches to pieces of furniture or decorative objects. Sometimes undulating, embossed or striated, this form of sculpture finds its inspiration in antiquity where it already adorned stone Corinthian columns, a key element of Greco-Roman architecture.

How to embrace the fluted decor trend?

Today, it is available in all materials: fabric, wood, concrete, glass, tile or pottery. It decorates the surface of the legs of tables or lamps, the fabric of seats, linens, trinkets (vases and other crockery items), but also sideboards, chests of drawers or cupboards, storage furniture such as vases. Fluted patterns can also be found on walls in the form of paintings or covering panels. Which immediately brings more relief and character to the room. In small touches or in a more assertive way, it is the ideal pattern to make an interior more warm, stylish and sophisticated. It is up to you to choose the right size, the right color and the right material to embrace the trend with taste and elegance.

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