Cannes 2022 “forgets” Nicole Kidman in the tribute to Tom Cruise

For Tom Cruise 2022 is truly a golden year. It is the year of the release of Top Gun: Maverick, the highly anticipated sequel to the film that has become a symbol of the actor’s career, the one that made him a true international sex symbol and consecrated him among the most loved Hollywood stars ever. And the Cannes Film Festival he could not miss an opportunity to pay homage to the actor with a Palme d’Or and an event dedicated to him, complete with military jets darting across the sky over the Croisette. Yet the celebratory montage of his career has left everyone stunned: there were all (and all), but thethe only notable absentee was ex-wife Nicole Kidmanwith whom he starred in many famous films.

Cannes 2022, Nicole Kidman absent in the tribute to Tom Cruise

It seems that someone has “forgotten” Nicole Kidman, editing the film made in homage to Tom Cruise and his long and rich career. As it reports varietythe gesture did not go unnoticed during the retrospective that the Cannes Film Festival 2022 dedicated to the actor, eagerly awaited on the Croisette together with the cast of his latest film, Top Gun: Maverick.

Everyone was in the movie in question, starting with Dustin Hoffman, with whom he starred in the masterpiece Rain Manto Kristen Dunstco-star in the other cult film Interview with the vampire. There were also Renee Zellweger with scenes from the film Jerry Maguire, Penelope Cruz with whom he starred in the wonderful Vanilla Sky and, of course, tons of scenes with Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in the various films of the saga Mission:Impossible.

To draw up a complete list of the films made famous by the Hollywood star, we could make it night, but among these we cannot forget films such as Days of Thunder, Far and Away And Eyes Wide ShutStanley Kubrick’s controversial masterpiece. All three featured in the giveaway by Cannes 2022 to Cruise, except that the great and unforgettable co-star was missing: yes, her, Nicole Kidman.

The choice of editors (or whoever for them) remains a mystery, but in the meantime this absence has literally gone around the world. Days of Thunder it was just the movie where Cruise and Kidman they met very young and they starred in the first passionate love scenes. Ditto for the historical epic Far and Away, where they played the role of two Irish immigrants seeking their fortune in late 19th century America. But with Eyes Wide Shut the Cannes Film Festival he just screwed up: that is not a simple film, but Kubrick’s latest masterpiece entirely built around the dramatic relationship between the two protagonists. How was it possible to exclude Nicole Kidman?

Cannes 2022, the words of Tom Cruise on his ex-wife Nicole Kidman

If it is true that the Tom Cruise Day (as it has been renamed) was one of the most anticipated moments of the Cannes Film Festival 2022on the other hand this gesture towards Nicole Kidman it left everyone with a bad taste in their mouths. Especially fans and movie buffs who, even days later, still can’t explain the reason for such a striking absence.

If we are talking about cinema, other “tasks” should certainly not interfere, especially when a tribute to the career of a great actor like Cruise is being made. We all know their long love story, we know that they have been married for eleven years and that they were one of Hollywood’s golden couples, before their love and marriage fell apart. Their lives have now separated for more than twenty years. It was really necessary cut out the “ex-wife” from the footage?

We don’t know who came up with this unfortunate idea, nor if it was a specific request from Tom Cruise. The fact is that the only time Kidman was nominated to Cannes 2022 it is due to the actor and ex-husband, answering a question about Eyes Wide Shut and on the main scene that sees them as protagonists: “We worked together to find the tone: [Stanley Kubrick], Nic and I,” he said. That’s all.

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