Cannes 2022: Hathaway and Roberts, the beauty look is natural

Lau naturel beauty conquers Cannes 2022. On the red carpet of Armageddon Time Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway they present themselves smiling, with a minimal makeupproud testimonial a soap and water beauty look which always pleases, even on the red carpet of the Croisette.

Pink nude look that convinces in this third evening of the event also the top Alessandra Ambrosio and the juror Rebecca Hall.

Cannes 2022, Botticelli hedgehog and sun make-up for Julia Roberts

Julia Robertst, Anne Hathaway and Rebecca Hall at the third evening of Cannes 2022 (Getty Images)

Julia Roberts brings one of the season’s hair trends, the Botticelli Hair, to the red carpet. Soft and enveloping, they are one of the season’s trends, easy to replicate as long as you have long hair. Like that of the Hollywood star who chooses to enhance its brown tending to copper and with very light blond reflections with soft waveswide as if they were hand-drawn by the Renaissance artist.

To accompany the hair look, an extremely natural make-up with rosy tones that give the actress great luminosity. Especially thanks to the blush, applied on the cheekbones of a very light pink good luck which goes hand in hand with the lips delicately glossed and always smiling. It concludes a look underlined by abundant strokes of mascara and nothing more. A perfect make-up to enhance the natural beauty over 50.

Anne Hathaway, chocolate brown hair and pink makeup

Minimal but extremely luminous beauty look also for Anne Hathaway. The leading actress of Armageddon Time alongside Anthony Hopkins, Oscar Isaac, Robert de Niro and Cate Blanchett, she sported long hair chocolate brown, moved very lightly for the most natural effect possible which puts the body and fullness of color in the foreground.

Cannes 2022: Anne Hathaway on the red carpet of “Armageddon Time” (Getty Images)

Enhanced even more by the elegant contrast created with the soft pink of her make-up that colors her cheekbones and lips for a fresh and healthy result.

For a red carpet nude look, mascara and eyeliner in abundance

A lesson, that of a minimal and delicate make-up, which they have also learned Alessandra Ambrosio and Rebecca Hall. The former Victoria Secret’s angel contrasted a voluminous and sparkling haute couture dress by Stephane Rolland with a nude make-up framed by a thin, slightly upturned line of black eyeliner. The lips are drawn in a dark pink for a slightly velvety result.

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Instead, the juror Rebecca Hall chooses abundant coats of mascara. Setting aside the deep red lipstick from the opening night, for the third night the juror celebrates her eyes focusing everything on the eyelashes, fanned out and perfectly spaced so as to enlarge the gaze even more. Cheekbones and lips en pendant, in a very light pinkish hue. For a minimal and elegant look.


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