Cannes: Viola Davis, who survived the no, always fight

(by the envoy Alessandra Magliaro) (ANSA) – CANNES, MAY 19 – Viola Davis is charismatic and inspiring, aware of her role for female empowerment and for the social integration of the black community in Hollywood as an activist of Black Live Matters . Her very presence, physicality, her communicative nature make her a special woman. 56-year-old Oscar winner in 2017 (Best Supporting Actress for “Fences” opposite Denzel Washington), three other nominations, including recent one for “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”, dozens of awards in a long career, including Emmys , Golden Globe and two Tony Awards, Viola Davis looks straight at the interlocutor and admits “I’m a survivor, a survivor of the many no’s I received as a black woman, but I’ve always fought, always fought. There is value in anger. C ‘is a value in a well placed “fuck”, says Viola Davis, apologizing for the word. “Of course now I can afford it, the actors at the beginning have no choice, but this anger has always moved me.” In Cannes she receives the 2022 Women In Motion award established by the Kering Group with the festival to promote the creative contribution of women in the arts and change. And she tells various anecdotes to explain how against Hollywood’s racism, sexism and ‘colorism’ things have changed but not enough yet. “We need to start encouraging storytelling of people on the periphery of the system. Streaming services have opened a door for communities long excluded from Hollywood,” he said, “but more imagination is needed for black roles. She currently plays Michelle Obama on the series. “The First Lady”, “but I still don’t see many dark-skinned women in major roles on TV, not even on streaming services.” One of the episodes recounted gives the dimension, he said, of reality. “A director I knew from time once repeatedly called me Louise on set. Do you know why? It was the name of her maid. “


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