cannibalized and stolen cars. The story of the porter of the building

Two gangs, one specializing in cannibalizing cars, the other dealing with stealing them. Scooters parked in condominium garages are also targeted. It happens in Parco Talenti, in the III Montesacro municipality, where the owner of a Smart woke up tonight found his car looted from tires, with the rear window of the city car destroyed. Groups of thieves who have long been targeting the neighborhood, as David Farina, porter of a building in via Ezra Pound denounces: “This area has become an open-air supermarket. The night becomes no man’s land”.

Porter of the building for ten years, David Farina talks about the modus operandi of the gang, or rather of the gangs: “One that disassembles the cars and another that steals them”. At the center of the interest of the criminals “the cars parked overnight in the parking lots located on via Pound, via Robert Musil and part of via Niccodemi”.

The mechanical thieves

But how do the thieves act? The 46-year-old caretaker explains it in detail: “Thefts are almost the order of the day. The Smart that they disassembled tonight had already been cannibalized in the past, in the same way”. In the case of city cars, “they break through the glass of the bonnet where they take the wheel repair kit. Then they steal the tires and, at best, leave them directly on the jack”. Specialized thieves “who act quickly and who often target Mercedes and BMWs”. In these cases the cars are stripped of everything: “gear lever, tires, dashboard, front nose with headlights, bumpers, and all the electronic instruments contained within”.

At night but not only, the thieves also act during the day: “A few months ago they made a Renault Clio disappear, used by some guys from a cleaning company. They stole it in broad daylight in a few minutes”.

Thefts in condominium garages

Cars parked in the street, but also in the garages: “They are professional thieves – says David Farina -. They lurk during the day to see the scooters and motorcycles that the residents park in the condominium garages. At night then they go to work” . As the porter of the building in via Ezra Pound explains, “they open gates on the garage doors and check if there are maxi scooters and motorbikes inside”. Once the right box has been identified, “they open it with the blowtorch, steal motorbikes, scooters and electric bikes and load everything into a van”.

The sabotage of the street lamps

Talenti Park where car and car thefts “are almost on the agenda”. “The thieves come into action at night, when those few bars and restaurants on the street close the shutters. From 1:00 to 5:00 the neighborhood becomes no-man’s land. They are so specialized that to act undisturbed they put out I use the street lights leaving the streets where they have targeted the car to be stolen or disassembled in the dark “.

Cars with satellite alarms

Thefts but not only, as David Farina continues “many times I find luxury cars left overnight in the neighborhood parking lots. They are the cars usually equipped with satellite alarms stolen in other areas of the city. They leave them to cool for a few weeks to see if they track them down via GPS. After a certain time they take them away “.

The parallel car market

But if thieves carry out their “work” almost daily at the Talent Park, it is no better in other areas of the capital where hundreds of car and car theft are being stolen. African Quarter, Appio Latino, Torrino, Porta di Roma, Gregna Sant’Andrea, Ponte di Nona, Montesacro, Fonte Meravigliosa, are just some of the areas where many times the good morning of the stolen motorist is bitter. A parallel market for stolen cars, which in most cases are first cannibalized and then resold in Italy and abroad by real transnational criminal organizations.

It was January 2019 when the traffic police beheaded a criminal group at the end of the operation called Hybrid. Twelve people who were reached by the custody order at the end of a one-year investigation during which 30 people were arrested (including Italian, Albanian, Moldovan and Polish citizens) of which 18, during the 11 months of investigations, and 12 other people at the end of the investigation. Despite the arrests, thefts on cars and cars show no sign of decreasing, indistinctly hitting all quadrants of the capital.

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