Canyon presents KIS: the steering stabilizer. Our proof

Canyon introduces the KIS, which stands for Keep It Stable and is a new steering stabilization system invented by that hotbed of ideas that is Jo Klieber, the founder of Syntace. It is a spring mechanism integrated into the frame that connects a cam ring placed on the fork steerer to an anchor point located in the top tube. Sound complicated? We sent Stefano Udeschini to preview it on the trails in the Nice hinterland, so that we can explain it to you in detail and show you how it works in the field. Here is the video.

Attention, this is not a steering limiter, but a stabilizer which is intended to make the steering easier to control. As you can see from the graph below, the force required to move the steering wheel from its straight position is greater than that required to turn it from 15 to 50 degrees.Canyon KIS

The declared weight of the system is only 110 grams and it is not necessary to drill the fork steerer to mount it, as can be seen from the exploded view below.

Canyon KIS

It is possible to change the tension of the spring of the KIS and with it the hardness of the steering.

The operation can also be done in the field with a 4mm Allen key, to be inserted in the screw placed on the horizontal tube.

The KIS does not require any maintenance, lubrication or greasing. It is equipped with a mechanism to lock the steering at 90 ° in the event of a fall, but even if the fall is devastating, what can happen is that the clamp on the steerer turns, but the KIS does not break. Obviously the system will have to be reset by positioning the clamp in the right position, which can be done by removing the cap that covers the hole made in the head tube, unscrewing the clamp, repositioning it and tightening.

Canyon KIS

The KIS is available immediately on the Spectral CF 8. If you want to know how the Spectral is doing, read our test here.

Canyon KIS

Canyon, along with Liteville (part of the Syntace family) are the exclusive brands that bring this new technology to market.


A physics lesson with Jo Klieber
Stefano in action


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