Capgemini will employ 600 people in Krakow and Katowice – News

The company intends to hire a total of 600 people, including 500 new employees for financial and accounting operations and 100 experts in consulting, finance and digital transformation. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is crucial. Recruitment will take six months.

Capgemini in Poland announces the need for a large number of new employees. During the recruitment planned for six months, the company intends to employ a total of 600 people, mainly in Katowice and Krakow, but not only. The successfully operating hybrid work model in the organization also means new perspectives for candidates from outside the main locations.

The number of employees in modern business service centers in Poland is growing regularly. Krakow and Katowice are among the leading cities where international companies locate and develop their branches with this specialization, and Capgemini is one of the most important employers in this sector in both cities.

The company has been operating in Krakow for 25 years, currently employing nearly 4.3 thousand people. people, while in Katowice the Capgemini headquarters was established in 2006 and currently employs 2.3 thousand. people. Capgemini employs over 10,000 specialists all over Poland. Soon these numbers will increase thanks to the ongoing large recruitment of employees specializing in financial and accounting operations as well as experts in the field of consulting, transformation and finance.

The leading language for most open recruitments is English, but people with knowledge of German, French and others are also being sought. Interestingly, the hybrid work model currently operating at Capgemini also gives people from outside Katowice and Krakow a chance to participate in recruitment.

– The industry is growing dynamically and Capgemini is one of its leaders. We anticipate that the Business Services service line located in Katowice and Krakow, which employs nearly 5,000 people, will continue to grow rapidly next year. We are particularly proud of the fact that our design and consulting part, which deals with, among others, transformation of business processes and implementation of new technologies, will increase by about 50% – says Renata Dębowska, director of the Business Services Center in Poland.

500 new employees for business operations

The new recruitment for the Business Services department that has just started is related to the start of a large project recently acquired by the organization. Among the advantages of working with him, one can undoubtedly mention the possibility of development, work in an international environment as well as stabilization and security of employment.

– We plan to employ up to 600 people. One of their tasks will be the integration of financial and accounting processes, providing high-quality services both in the area of ​​customer service and complex business and transformation processes. We are primarily looking for employees with knowledge of foreign languages, as well as people with substantive competences and experience in the field of finance and accounting – says Maciej Świątek from Capgemini.

– We are also looking for people with no experience for less advanced roles. Employed persons will work in such areas as billing, credit management, cash applications, dispute management, collections. As part of this recruitment, we also want to employ team leaders and managers who will manage the teams and their tasks – adds Maciej Świątek.

Experts with several years of experience are sought

Capgemini also announces the need for approximately 100 experts with expertise in consulting, finance and digital transformation. They will have the opportunity to work in the so-called the FPIA Consulting team, which deals with the broadly understood transformation of business processes in the area of ​​finance, i.e. issues such as automation, digitization, innovation, operating models, migration.

To support these tasks, specialists are sought from the level of junior consultants or business analysts, who are required primarily about 3-4 years of experience, also in project work and understanding of processes, technologies and structures supporting processes. As part of this recruitment, people with senior experience are also sought: consultants, senior consultants, managers and directors.

– We care about candidates with experience in project work, who will support us in the implementation of tasks for current clients and support further planned projects. It is an extremely promising market sector and at the same time an element of our business that is dynamically gaining in importance. We already know that next year we will be looking for more specialists – says Robert Piotrowski, Capgemini.

Currently, the company is looking for, among others project managers, change managers, but also specialists, e.g. in the field of Blackline, Oracle, SAP S / 4HANA.

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