car against concrete block flies from viaduct, one dead

Road accident with the worst possible consequences for the driver of a Fiat 16 that in the evening struck violently against the concrete block on the ring road, between via del Mare (in the Porticone area) and the Sinarca, and ended up underneath. According to what is learned, the driver died instantly. The emergency services of 118, arrived by ambulance, could not do anything for the person driving the vehicle, a resident of Molise whose identity was not disclosed.

The magistrate of the Larino Public Prosecutor’s Office was called in consideration of the dynamics and some anomalies of the context, such as the fact – confirmed by several witnesses – that the construction site was rather dark. The team of the Termoli detachment is working to extract the man’s body from the tangle of metal sheets, and the carabinieri have arrived on the spot for investigations.

The accident happened just before 9pm on Tuesday evening. On the State Road 709, under the responsibility of Anas, maintenance and refurbishment of the guardrails are underway which have been going on since February 2022. The viaduct in question is called the Petrara viaduct, and has already seen other accidents. The construction site, complete with traffic lights with flashing signs, was also opened to upgrade and improve the guardrails.

In today’s case it seems that the car broke through the metal barrier after making a jump caused by the violent impact against the concrete new jersey and fell below, ending up in the overturned vegetation. The darkness and the place where the car ended up make the rescue and recovery of the vehicle quite complex.

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