Car financing, if this happens you don’t have to pay anything: the truth that nobody knows

Be careful when you put into account a car loan: if this incredible hitch happens, watch out, you don’t have to pay anything: the truth that nobody knows. We tell you.

Car financing: a world out there. Proposals, ideas, operations that seem super convenient. But sometimes, unbelievable: the car does not is delivered. And then: you have to to pay the installments? Let’s see what happens and how it works in such cases.

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What if the dealership Not delivery on vehicle in the agreed times? Whoever buys can suspend the installments for financing?

We are discussing one of the most incredible and negative situations that a buyer can stumble upon opening a financing car. If the means is not available, but to expedite the practices ndecide of to subscribe the contract and start the process with the bank for the disbursement of a loan aimed at paying in installments, what happens if the car does not arrive anyway?

They don’t give you the car: do you have to pay the installments anyway?

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The dealership sometimes delays to deliver the car. And maybe well beyond a reasonable time. To such an extent that the first payment of the installments. At that point, what should the buyer do?

On the one hand there is the salesperson that Not has respected the times delivery and on the other there is the institute from credit that he wants what he deserves, namely the payment of the installments. How to get out? How to manage this impasse? It’s possible to block the payment of the installments?

What happens if you don’t pay the car loan installments

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The nonpayment of the installments for the car loan puts the buyer in front of some consequences. The most immediate is the opening of procedures for the recovery of the credit.

If the default continues, the procedure from recovery credits with the request of a injunction to the court by the creditor. The notification of the decree follows e the notice to pay within 10 days the installment (or installments) of the car loan.

The next step, if the buyer doesn’t pay, is the foreclosure of the goods with the risk of report at the Financial risk center (Crif) like bad payers which prevents access to further financing and loans up to 2 years.

But in case of non-delivery? The rules in force speak of two cases: that of the finance company linked to the seller and that of the finance company chosen independently by the buyer. In the first case, if the concessionaire does not deliver the carthe buyer can suspend the payment of the installments. But also delete the contract undersigned.

In the second situation, if the financial one is chosen by the buyer, the purchase contract of the car is independent from that of buying and selling. For which the default of the seller does not involve there Suspension of the payment of installments agreed for car financing. Therefore the buyer must continue to pay the financial,

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