Car paint, the sun will destroy it: smear this solution with a cotton swab

The car paint is always in the sun, it tries to survive even in extreme conditions, such as excessive heat which can be very harmful in summer.

Protect your car paint from sunlight –

Who does not have a sheltered place, like a garage, where you can store your carshould find ways to best protect it.

Not everyone knows but there are three very simple remedies to tryto protect the machine and make it last longer even when subjected at stellar temperatures.

The result of tests conducted on cars left in the sun

Tests recently on cars left outside, in the sun, have made it possible to record temperatures of over 63 ° inside the passenger compartment. While in particular, the internal surfaces have reached 90 degrees centigrade. Not only the dashboard, but also the seats, are protected from the sun’s rays underneathsame thing goes for the engine and the bodyworkwhich must also be checked periodically.

Whether you live in an area where it is hot all year round, or if you live in an area where high temperatures only arrive during the summer months, you need to take cover before it’s too late. So, when you park your car in the sun it is good to leave a small slot in the windows to let the air recirculate. If this is not possible, to repair and protect the car paint, it is essential to use the sunshade and curtains which must be applied to the windows in order to reduce the irradiation inside the machine.


How to protect the machine from climatic factors

It is good to know that there are also gods specific products for cleaning the dashboard, which protect against UV rays as best they can. These must be applied with care to ensure that the machine resists discoloration or lightening, whether it is fabric or leather. It can also be useful to install seat covers, which not only protect the seats but they also help keep them fresh.

Obviously the external bodywork can suffer a lot of damage if left in the sun and not taken care of as it should, so for protect the car paint in the best possible way, it can be waxed for example. A thin layer of wax is also enough, which is able to limit the ultraviolet rays and therefore the cracks, the color faded everywhere.

Finally, you must also pay attention to the engine which must be checked periodically, the same thing applies to the engine oil and to the brake fluid and the coolant. They are small details that they make a difference and that ensure that the machine lasts over time and maintains an excellent aesthetic appearance and more.

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