Cara Delevingne and the abuse of heavy drugs, behind it would be Amber Heard (ex of Depp)

There would be Amber Heard behind the drug problems of Cara Delevigne, the British super model who has made everyone worry about her visibly serious health problems in recent days. The thirty-year-old, in fact, was filmed by the cameras of the Los Angeles Airport in which she was in critical condition with disheveled hair, dirty socks, no shoes and an uncontrolled attitude that immediately alarmed fans and also her relatives and friends including Margot Robbie who, after seeing her in person, even burst into tears.

Video of Cara Delevingne unable to control her body movements

But how did Cara Delevingne end up in this drug tour that is allegedly leading her to ruin? There are those who point the finger at Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife and protagonist of a very tough trial that was followed all over the world and ended with Depp’s acquittal. The accusation against Heard came from gossip columnist Jessica Reed Krauss who alleged that Heard and Delevingne were romantically linked in the past and, during that time, they would have been protagonists of several Hollywood parties based on sex and drugs heavy. In her analysis of Delevingne’s condition on Substack, Reed Krauss also said that Cara was being used by Heard to entertain her party-goers and it was Johnny Depp’s ex-wife who introduced the young model to drugs.

For now these rumors have not been confirmed or denied by those directly involved but one thing is certain, after the trial for defamation between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Cara Delevingne stopped talking to her old friend, just like Margot Robbie had done too and Kristen Stewart.

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