Cara Delevingne has given an orgasm to science –

British actress and model Cara Delevingne investigates the orgasm gap in an episode of a sex-related BBC docuseries. The goal is to explore the theme of gender disparity regarding the achievement of orgasm

I’m here to have an orgasm and give it to science!.

Thus begins the journey of Cara Delevingne discovering what happens to our body when we reach pleasure. We are about to enter a hospital where I will masturbate to study the changes that occur in our body after an orgasm, explains the supermodel and actress to the cameras of BBC Three for the PlanetSex docuseries, a project dedicated to the discovery of sex that is not visible in Italy (BBC iPlayer for the United Kingdom only).

In one of the episodes of the series, as the Guardian
, the model goes to a university hospital in Germany to do an experiment. As explained by Delevingne herself and by the two doctors who conduct the research on theorgasm gapthe goal is to take a blood sample before reaching the climax of pleasure and one immediately after orgasm, so as to compare the blood and understand what changes on a chemical level.

The female orgasm has always been little studied by science and this also leads to the great gender gap in the achievement of pleasure with sex: 65% of women against 95% of men.

The result in the eyes of Delevingne amazing: they are detected in the blood after an orgasm endocannabinoidswhat doctors define as the natural version of cannabis produced by the body.

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