“Cara Delevingne uses hard drugs and Amber Heard is to blame,” says a gossip columnist

Amber Heard would be the cause of Cara Delevingne’s current state of health: a gossip columnist claims that it was the actress who introduced the model to hard drugs.

The state of health of Cara Delevingne is deeply worrying his fans, all his family and friends and, according to reports from some US newspapers, a journalist has revealed that Amber Heard it is most likely the cause of his drug problems.

Following the publication of Delevingne’s disturbing images and Margot Robbie’s recent visit to her home, a reporter returned to talk about the love affair Cara allegedly had with Amber Heard while Acquaman’s interpreter was still married to Johnny Depp.

According to gossip columnist Jessica Reed Krauss, the two stars, in addition to being romantically involved, would also have organized parties in Hollywood based on sex and drugs in which tech moguls and billionaires took part. In her account of Substack, Reed Krauss states that Cara was one of the many famous women Heard used to entertain her wealthy clients.

The columnist also says that Amber Heard introduced Cara Delevingne to the use of hard drugs during these holidays. That said, it appears that after Amber and Johnny Depp’s libel trial, Delevingne stopped talking to the Aquaman actress, just like Margot Robbie and Kristen Stewart.

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