Cara Delevingne wears the three issues of Dior Makeup

Dior 999


The history of the maison Dior has been playing with iconic figures and numbers since its foundation. It was 1947, for example, when Christian Dior revolutionized the very idea of ​​femininity with the New Look. A mission that has become the very identity of the maison. The opening to the world of make-up in 1953, enchanting the most beloved actresses of the time and dedicating the first Dior lipsticks to them.

At the helm of Monsieur Christian Dior was the will of enhance female beauty with color. “Why deprive women of color?” She loved to repeat. A philosophy encoded through figures and numbers. That oficonic lipstick 999 or, simply, through the 40 shades of Dior lipstick conceived by creative director Serge Lutens in 1968. Or, again, i 5 colors of the 5 Couleurs Couture Palette of the maison, an invention by Tyen.

Today is Peter Philips to carry on the image of Dior’s make-up, playing with numbers for create makeup that is inclusive and suitable for all skin tones. Without, of course, giving up the pillars of the maison, based on three simple figures: 5, 8 and 9.

Dior Makeup x Cara Delevingne: 999, the perfect lipstick shade

Dior Makeup and Cara Delevingne describe the maison through three issues

They represent key moments and products of the fashion house founded by Christian Dior. Indeed, the numbers 5, 8 and 9 embody the soul and the attention that has always been reserved for femininity. The number 5, for example, represents the colors of the emblematic Palette 5 Couleurs Couture. Which is renewed from season to season to offer new, vibrant color combinations.

To represent the real history of the maison, however, is the number 8. Embodiment of the iconic hourglass shape presented with the New Look, è the lucky number of monsieur Dior. As well as the brick red shade by Dior Addict Lipstick. To tell the story is Cara Delevingne, muse of the maison. «Christian Dior changed the history of fashion in February 1947 with his New Look, an hourglass silhouette, at 8. And it makes perfect sense that Mr. Dior wanted to complete his iconic collection with amazing make-up. Defined and courageous eyes and an outrageous red lipstick “.

Shade number 8 dresses the lips perfectly, just like the original and revolutionary collection by Christian Dior. “An invitation to be unforgettable and not to go unnoticed », concludes Cara Delevingne.

Cara Delevingne x Dior


However, the number that best represents the soul of the Dior fashion house is the 9. First shade of lipstick created by Christian Dior, this number – also in versions 99 and 999 – is the symbol of new shades of the iconic lipstick. Reinvented, for 2022, in the new Rouge Dior Forever Lipstick. “Red radiates a protagonist energySays Cara. «When Monsieur Dior launched his iconic shade number 9, he immediately became the favorite of stars from all over the world. And the iconic Dior color became known as 999. And, in fact, being dressed for big occasions requires just a red lipstick like the number 9 ». Furthermore, the new formula is no-transfer: it won’t go anywhere.


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