Carabiniere shoots the commander and barricades himself in the barracks – Lombardy

The wounded man is in very serious condition, the reasons for the gesture are unknown

A carabiniere shot his station commander in Asso (Como) very seriously. The soldier then barricaded himself in the barracks. The reasons for the gesture are not known at the moment.

From the first information, the soldier who fired is a brigadier who fired some shots at his commander’s address and barricaded himself in the station. The building is now surrounded by the military in an attempt to persuade him to leave.

The police sergeant barricaded in the Asso barracks with his commander, a lieutenant of the Army, is married and has three children, seriously wounded by gun shots. Even the latter, according to what is learned, is married and has three children. There would be no other carabinieri in the barracks. On site the local territorial weapon and specialized departments to manage emergency situations. At the moment the conditions of the commander are not known. According to some witnesses, in fact, first a shot was heard, then the cries of the wounded man and, later, at least two more shots.