Carbon dioxide is missing, famous Italian brewery closes the plant

A famous Italian brewery closes due to a lack of carbon dioxide. However, the crisis is affecting the whole world.

The large industries who use the Co2 they are beginning to suffer from the lack of this element. Fundamental to produce several things, including sparkling water and beer.

famous Italian brewery closes

Incredibly we’re getting to that too. There sparkling water production has already stopped it’s atnow it’s up to Beer. Co2 supplies are starting to run low and the “fault” is always the same. Too high prices of energy and transport, therefore of final prices.

Soon we may no longer find sparkling water in supermarkets. “We are desperate”Stated in no uncertain terms the CEO of Sant’Anna Alberto Bertone. “There Co2 is nowhere to be found and all of our competitors are also in the same situation“.

In short, the energy crisis spares no one. Perhaps we will realize this when the supermarket really misses many of the products we now take for granted. For now there are stocks, but who knows how long they will last. A truly sad scenario.

Even because the greatest discomfort it certainly does not reside in not being able to drink a drink anymore. The real problem is the factories that close, the factories that stopthe people who are fired.

All this is happening in Biella too. There Menabrea, a historic Italian company producing beer, is giving up. Recall that just in Biella there is also the MeBo – Menabrea Botalla Museumwhere it is possible to discover the origins of this great company founded in 1846.

Carbon dioxide is missing, a famous Italian brewery closes the plant, and unfortunately it is not the only one

The consequences of the war in Ukraine they go to engrave in every sector. Every day we hear some stories and the complete picture that emerges is truly worrying. Today it happened to the Menabrea. And who will happen to tomorrow? The statements made by the top management of the Italian brewery do not give rise to doubts.

CO2 shortage is also a problem for us

The consequence is that the Biella plant has stopped production. The lack of availability of Co2 mostly affects large companies such as Menabrea. Indeed who produces the beer by hand use other techniques to obtain bubbles. That is methods of natural fermentation.

So we will undoubtedly find bottles of Beer on the shelves, except that of some brands. But who knows at that point how much the prices will go up. Because as the market commands, following a great demand the final cost of the product increases.

But, let’s remember, the real drama is certainly not that of having to drink less beer. Across Europe, the crisis is making itself felt. The historic company Delirium Tremens which operates in Belgium stands for stop production. After more than 100 years. Ditto regarding the Carlsberg in Denmarkwhich probably will close its factories located in Poland.

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