Card sales higher than in the previous year – double-digit increase in deliveries

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December 7, 2021, 13:41

New market research has shown an increase in the supply of graphics cards. Despite the double-digit increase in the market, no noticeable improvement was observed as compared to the previous year.

The end of 2021 was a defeat for PC players planning to get a new graphics card (check the current prices of graphics cards here). The crisis in the chip market, scalpers and cryptocurrency miners contributed to the exorbitant prices as well as the low availability of the GPU on the market. Nevertheless, on an annual basis, deliveries of graphics cards in the third quarter of 2021 increased by 25.7%.

According to a market research carried out by an analytical company John Peddie Research, Sales of AIB (Add in Boards? dedicated graphics cards used in desktops, servers, workstations and cryptocurrency farms) increased by 25.7%. The increase is also visible quarter-on-quarter, where GPU supplies increased by 11% compared to the previous three months of the year.

The market split between Nvidia and AMD is quite obvious. The dominant power is Nvidia, with 79% of shares.

Card sales more than last year - double digit increase in deliveries - Illustration # 1

On a quarterly basis, AMD achieved an increase in sales by 17.7% and 20.8% on an annual basis. For Nvidia, the results are as follows: 9.3% and 27.1%.

So why, despite larger supplies of cards, the situation on the market is still difficult and it is difficult to find a product at a decent price? It is influenced by many factors ?? some of the blame can be put on scalpers or bots buying cards and probably the most hated miners by players.

According to forecasts from experts from Intel, Nvidia and AMD, this situation on the GPU market may continue for another year. This is not good information for computer enthusiasts, although the light in the tunnel may be the premiere of new cards from the above-mentioned manufacturers. We can only hope that at least some of these cards end up at normal PC users.

Card sales more than last year - double digit increase in deliveries - Illustration # 2

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