Cardi B almost naked on Instagram. Her sticker outfit is impressive!

Cardi B
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Cardi B loves to cause controversy. Not only with his behavior, but also with his appearance. The rapper has a lot of loyal fans as well as many people who simply cannot look at her actions. However, she does not care and goes boldly through life. Her Instagram is full of bold and sometimes controversial photos.

Cardi B is getting ready for the premiere of a new piece. The single UP is expected to go online tomorrow, February 5. On this occasion, the rap star’s Instagram profile was booming.

Cardi B showed a photo of which she is posing in a transparent, half-open, hanging ball. She poses almost naked, wearing only… stickers! You read so well, her body was covered, smaller and larger, pink stickers made of crystals and decorated with tassels. For this she chose pink high heels.


The photo gained over two and a half million likes and delighted many internet users. She could not pass by the photo indifferently either Paris Hiltonwhich left a few emotes reflecting flames in the comment. The rapper’s husband, Offset, also commented on the photo:

– by adding water drop hearts and emotes.

ESKA XD # 015

Those who follow Cardi B on Insta on a daily basis know perfectly well that she never gets bored. Recently, the star is in great shape when it comes to original styling.

Cardi B in a strange styling. The transparent dress showed its curves …

How do you like sticker clothing? 😉

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