Cardi B and Offset at dinner together. It’s hard to believe that the rapper has recently become a mother!

Cardi B gave birth to her second child on September 4. The star does not slow down and is often seen not only at industry events, but also at joint events with her husband Offset. The rappers couple went out to dinner with their friends. Just look at Cardi’s styling, it’s hard to believe that she recently gave birth, right?

Cardi B and her husband, rapper Offset, recently returned from Paris Fashion Week, where the rapper boasted about her ideas for original styling.

Cardi B inspired by Kim Kardashian? She also put SOMETHING on her head

The pair of rappers have already returned home to the United States and do not think to rest. On Instagram, both Cardi B and Offseta published recordings of the joint exit. It was probably a dinner with friends or the rapper’s birthday on October 11. Although for a birthday, the party was too modest …

The rapper wore glowing purple leggings and a T-shirt in a similar color. For this she chose a lot of jewelry, diamond of course.

The fans, however, drew attention to the figure of the rapper. Many could not believe that Cardi B became a mother for the second time a little over a month. Her figure looks the same as before pregnancy.

We hope that one day he will reveal his secret to us. 😉

Just take a look at the pics below!

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Cardi B


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