Cardi B and Offset get upset after DJ mistakes the rapper for Nicki Minaj at a nightclub

Cardi B and Offset weren’t happy about the awkward situation

Confusing the name of rappers is something even kind of common among the common public, many people who are not so familiar with the scene sometimes end up getting the artists’ names wrong, something that happens a lot between A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott for example. However, when you are a Hip-Hop DJ and you confuse the name of Cardi B with your rival Nicki Minajthis error is unforgivable.

And that’s exactly what happened to Cardi B last night. While making a VIP presence at a nightclub next to her husband offset and his team in a crowded nightclub, the DJ of the house got the rapper’s name wrong when announcing that Bardi was in the house and simply spoke loud and clear that his rival Nicki Minaj I was present.

Furthermore, the DJ praised Nicki and put on her song ‘Do We Have a Problem?’ with lil baby to play while making the wrong announcement. offset realized the mistake at the time and didn’t like it at all, making an ugly face when asking: “Nicki is in the house!?”. Cardi didn’t seem to notice at first or played dumb, but then she took the mic and gave a straight speech to the DJ.

While it seems unlikely that the two will work together after starting a heated feud years ago that included a shoe-throwing incident at New York Fashion Week, current rumors seem to suggest that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are putting their differences aside to move on.

Of course, even more speaking of Rap, there will be a subliminal attack here and there, but the two should no longer engage in attacks and discussions online.

See everything subtitled below, courtesy of Minaj Access Brazil.

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