Cardi B becomes Playboy’s first creative director

Cardi B, winner of a Grammy Award, has been named as Playboy’s Creative Director. Check the details.

New work by Cardi B.

In her new role, she will set the artistic direction of the company. From fashion, through collections of erotic gadgets, to digital editing. Additionally, Cardi will be the founding creative director of the new creator-managed platform Playboy, CENTERFOLD.

Cardi B Playboy
Cardi B, source: GettyImages

Joining the Playboy family is a dream come true. I can’t believe this is happening. For as long as I can remember, I have felt a bond with Playboy. This is a true genuine platform for uncensored creativity and I am inspired by its incredible legacy of fighting for personal freedom.

– said the artist in an official statement

Cardi she is very excited about her new job.

I have so many ideas! I can’t wait to put them into practice. I am also excited that we will soon launch our new platform, CENTERFOLD. Creators today deserve to be bold and without filters. They deserve to feel free in their creativity and sexuality. Finally, they deserve to manage their future. This is what CENTERFOLD is about. It is for all those creators who are bold, revolutionary and shaping culture. I invite them to cooperate.

– she added

Other activities of Cardi B.

This is the latest achievement of the 29-year-old tycoon. Earlier, it started selling Whipshots, a whipped cream with vodka that sold out in minutes. The premiere of further alcoholic beverages signed with the artist’s name is planned for December, this time with different flavors.

In the field of music, the artist is also not idle – recently her song received a diamond award. Thus, she became the first rapper to have two of them on her account.

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