Cardi B earns less than white colleagues. He talks about inequalities in music and fashion

Cardi B
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It is hard not to notice Cardi B’s weakness for luxury cars and clothing brands. Meanwhile, it turns out that the star cannot afford everything. The rapper reveals that she earns less than her white colleagues from the industry. He talks, for example, about advertising contracts that connect the world of music with fashion.

Cardi B is one of the most famous rap women in the world. The debut album took her to the top! Then a few thoughtful business moves and Cardi B is one of the most recognizable figures in the music industry.

Of course, fame and selling music translate into earnings. It’s hard not to notice that Cardi b has money! A collection of sports cars or handbags of the most expensive brands is just the beginning.

However, in a recent interview, Cardi B reveals that she is not earning as much as she should. According to the rapper, her white colleagues receive much higher rates!

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Cardi B on unequal earnings in music and fashion

Speaking to Mariah Carey in the March issue of Interview, Cardi B described her experiences. The star did not specifically use the term “racism”, but did mention strong prejudices.

Advertising contracts are an example of this.

I was involved in advertising contracts and then found out that some white people got more money for their transactions from the same company. I’m doing my research. I know how much money I have earned [dla] this company. My fans buy stuff from me. So it’s like, “Why don’t you pay me what you pay other people? It’s a bit offensive.

The star spoke.

Cardi B has not disclosed exactly which companies it is about. She collaborated, among others with Fashion Nova, Steve Madden, Balenciaga, Amazon, Pepsi and most recently Reebok.

The rapper pointed out that “hip-hop has a big influence” on the fashion industry.

Yet black artists have the hardest time getting something from designers, and the hardest thing is getting seats at fashion shows.

Recently, Cardi B sharply voiced her opinion on the accusation that black women “underestimated the value of Hermes handbags”.

Cardi B sharply comments on the post that black women are lowering the value of Hermes bags

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