Cardi B enjoys the life of a single. “I can make an appointment with anyone I want”

Cardi B
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It seems that Cardi B and Offset are parting for good this time. The star commented on her divorce and emphasized that she was happy as a single. I wonder how long the solo will stay … Cardi B boasts that her inbox is full of invitations to date.

Offset and Cardi B they formed an explosive mixture. They were partying hard together, going to strip bars together and having fun. The couple calmed down a bit when their daughter was born – Kiari culture.

More than once and not twice there have been rumors about that Offset betrays Cardi B. Apparently, the star felt she was fed up with this treatment. 3 years after the wedding, Cardi B filed for divorce.

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Cardi B, however, was afraid of betraying Offset! She felt like she would do it again

Cardi B enjoys the life of a single

If anyone thinks that Cardi B he cries his eyes after Offset, he is wrong. The star told about the breakup on OnlyFans. She made it clear that the divorce was her decision. Now Cardi B enjoys the life of a single.

I could date any man I want … my DMs are full

Cardi B.

At the same time, the star stated that she was not going to be distracted by guys for the time being. He wants to concentrate as much as possible on business and his daughter.

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