Cardi B got a gift from Kylie Jenner for half a million zlotys.

Kylie Jenner (23) has billions and is famous for her luxurious lifestyle. The celebrity got her own jet, which shows what property she has. Kylie didn’t forget about the birthday of her colleague Cardi B (28) and gave her a very expensive gift. What did the rapper get?

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What did Kylie Jenner give Cardi B for her birthday?

Kylie Jenner at a young age, she began earning millions of dollars, all thanks to a famous name, image change and most importantly – running a lucrative beauty business. A celebrity cares for their loved ones and showers them with expensive gifts. He pampers not only his daughter or sisters, but also his best friends.

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Cardi B recently celebrated her 28th birthday. The rapper decided to file divorce papers and admitted that she was single.

Cardi invited Kylie to cooperate with her while recording the music video for the song WAP. The millionaire appeared in the clip wearing a skimpy leopard costume. A friendship developed between them. They have daughters of similar age who also spend time together.

Jennerka decided to take care of her friend and gave her as a birthday gift one of her favorite bags, Hermes model Birkin, which cost a real fortune.

Cardi B got a Birkin purse as a gift from Kylie Jenner.

Cardi B got a Birkin purse as a gift from Kylie Jenner. Photo: Instagram / iamcardib.

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are famous for the fact that they have a huge collection of Hermes handbags in their wardrobes, they have models in every possible color. We recently wrote about Małgorzata Rozenekwhich also showed up with such a purse.

Małgorzata Rozenek in front of the helicopter and with Kim Kardashian’s favorite purse: “On the way to work”

Cardi B couldn’t hide her excitement, she also collects these expensive handbags.

Look at that Birkin! Thank you, Kylie Jenner. Ooh, powder blue! I know I have a bathing suit to match this one, the rapper excited.

You have to pay almost half a million zlotys for such a model! Interestingly, these bags are not always available to those who can afford them. The waiting list is excruciatingly long, which makes them so desirable.

Would you like friends like Kylie Jenner?


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