Cardi B got fat! “It doesn’t matter, I have money for liposuction”

Cardi B
Author: Rex Features / East News

Cardi B is one of the most direct people in the world of show business. The rapper has never had a problem saying what she thinks. It often aroused much controversy. Despite the fact that at times he has a really sharp tongue, it must be admitted that he has a distance to himself!

Cardi B For some time now, he has been asking his fans whether he is modifying photos in Photoshop. Internet users have long suspected that the star is a bit of a mess in his photos and in some parts of the body it adds to itself and in others it reduces. Probably their assumptions turned out to be wrong. However, they were not mistaken with the fact that Cardi B in fact it has changed a little, to be exact gained weight. Whereas for many celebrities a larger figure on the scale would be a tragedy for Cardi B it’s a meaningless change. In the video that she published on Instagram, she confessed that this is not a cause for concern. The rapper bluntly admitted that if necessary, she would treat herself to liposuction … So all in all, there is really nothing to worry about! 😉

Cardi B with his approach to some matters, he can surprise even the most loyal fans. Remember, when she was still pregnant with Kulture, she boldly talked about the fact that as soon as she stopped breastfeeding, she would immediately have a breast lift. Of course, it did not end with reassurances, because Offset’s wife she actually made her plans come true. Will it be the same this time? The rapper recorded a video in which she presents herself in a skimpy bikini, while parading with a Louis Vuitton handbag on her shoulder, as befits a rapper, she must be rich!

Cardi B showed off her renewed tattoo. “I suffered for a week.” It was worth it!

I have to show you this body. Now I know that I have gained weight. I know you don’t put my body to shame. I know I’ve put on a bit of weight and it actually keeps it … but it doesn’t matter, I have money for liposuction. If you think he is editing photos of his body then just ask me for a video. It’s simple sweetheart. I have more fat, I have a little baby, everything is fine. You can ask me for a movie. I’ll show you everything. I gained weight, but it’s true that my thighs fit me now? Prince Harry lives with his mother-in-law; new member of the Jennifer Lopez family

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