Cardi B has landed in the emergency room! What’s wrong with her? How is she doing? DETAILS!

Cardi B
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Cardi B posted a disturbing post on Instagram with a photo from a hospital bed! The star described the symptoms that may (but do not have to) mean that she has contracted the coronavirus! Fans are worried about the artist. What happened to her? Check the details!

Fans Cardi B they are worried about their idol after the star showed a picture from the hospital bed on the web! She quickly removed the photo, but the anxiety remained. The rapper admitted that she has some ailments that may indicate infection coronavirus. And no, that wasn’t a stupid April Fool’s day joke …

Cardi B with CORONAVIRUS ?!

It’s no secret that Cardi B is very afraid of coronavirus infection. The video, showing the panic of the rapper, terrified of the pandemic, became a hit on the network and an inspiration to create songs!

Cardi B was hysterical due to the coronavirus. A song with her screams HIT IT …

It would be a really sad coincidence if Cardi B she contracted the coronavirus while the whole world knows how afraid she was. Is that what covid-19 it is the cause of her malaise.

Cardi B posted a photo on social media showing her hand with a hospital wristband. The armband bears the date of the patient’s admission to the ward: March 31, 2020 (so it’s hard to talk about April Fool’s day food), as well as Cardi’s age: 27 years.

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Honestly, since the last four days I’ve had some really serious stomach problems, I went to the emergency room last night and I’m feeling much better. I hope tomorrow I won’t feel any pain anymore.

– wrote the star.

The post quickly disappeared from her profile, but it managed to alarm the fans – after all, an upset stomach is one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection!

Though Cardi B she did not comment on her health anymore and did not refer to the fans’ suspicions about the coronavirus, it seems that she is ok. The star publishes funny posts – like the last one with Donald Duck, which says: hungry, but all you have to eat at home requires cooking. “

Mood exactly f *** right now

– the rapper signed the meme.

The appetite is good, so we hope that z Cardi B everything is OK!

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