Cardi B is not coping with raising her daughter? Haters attack the rapper!

Cardi B
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Cardi B, as befits a rapper, loves a rich life and cannot imagine that her child could miss something. However, fans have a slightly different view of it, saying that 3-year-old Kulture is very spoiled. Cardi B is not coping with raising her daughter?

Cardi B and Offset are parents 3-year-old Kulture Kiari. The little one recently celebrated her birthday, which of course was rich. There were plenty of guests and many attractions. Such a birthday could surely be given by Kylie Jenner for her daughter Stormi.

>> Cardi B’s daughter is 3 years old. Even Kylie Jenner would not be ashamed of such an event!

As it usually happens after a big birthday party, there were positive voices, but also a wave of hatred. Fans attacked Cardi B and told her that she didn’t quite know how to raise her daughter. According to them, the rapper pampers her child too much.

On the occasion of Kulture’s birthday, she was supposed to get a necklace worth from her mother $ 150,000 and from his dad a watch that cost as much $ 250,000.

Cardi B fights the haters

Cardi B rather avoids getting into discussions with haters, so she tries not to react to their taunts. Sometimes, however, it is impossible and even the most patient stars cannot stand it. Cardi B replied to the haters, but quickly decided to delete her comment. The rapper decided to respond to those who attacked her in the comments, writing:

Kulture has all my tuition fees around its neck.

I just hope they invest the same amount in her education.

Cardi B quickly replied to them:

When your kid wants ice cream for dinner, do you give him ice cream for dinner? My child is too spoiled with toys and super educated. If mom and daddy fly, so can my kids.

– she wrote in the deleted post.

Looking at the rapper’s comment, we have no doubt that Kulture will continue to pamper. And the haters are probably getting ready to watch Cardi B raise her second child …

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