Cardi B keeps fit also during pregnancy. This recording delighted the fans!

Cardi B
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Cardi B and her husband Offset are expecting their second child. Cardi B is a very lively person and has no intention of slowing down. Due to her pregnancy, the rapper also does not want to change her style. Not only when she was expecting her first child, but now she proves that pregnancy is not a disease!

Cardi B she is in her second pregnancy. Known for a great distance to herself and a large dose of self-confidence, the rapper has recently announced the joyful news to the world. For Cardi B, pregnancy does not limit her in any way and the rapper does not intend to change for this time. She does what she did, i.e. at times arouses considerable controversy.

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A video appeared on Cardi B’s Instagram, in which the star is raping, while attracting attention with his stylizations. In the clip, the artist is initially dressed in a see-through, green blouse, then, by making sexy movements, she presents herself in a skimpy, black bikini. Showing a large pregnancy belly, Cardi B delighted fans who left a lot of emotes reflecting heart or fire in the comments.

Cardi B presented herself not only in skimpy outfits, but also in full makeup and colorful hair. The rapper constantly reminds you that when you are pregnant, you don’t have to give up your current life!

Do you think that something will change with her after the birth of her second child?


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