Cardi B mad at the people who edit her pics. “The worst thing is that they are women”

Cardi B
Author: Rex Features / East News

Great fame brings with it a lot of negative things. Some people are so jealous or hate a star so much that they want to harm it. They often do it with photos that they just manipulate in Photoshop. Some people also do it for fun. This practice is well known to Cardi B, who has just said what she thinks about it.

The stars are a great inspiration for some people not only to create memes but also to remake their photos. The most malicious ones modify photos, most often in such a way as to present a famous person in a bad light and upload the photo taken in this way. As a consequence, the star is then flooded with hate. Certainly many celebrities have found out about it. However this Cardi B is just starting to criticize these people. What did she say?

Cardi B is famous for many controversies. No one like her can openly say what she thinks. This applies to both professional matters and her private life. Cardi she has repeatedly attacked her colleagues in the industry publicly or made suggestive suggestions to her husband in public.


Now Cardi B and her slashed tongue are on the attack again. This time, those who love to interfere with someone’s photos have taken a hit. The rapper, who very often says that women should support each other, has now openly admitted that she is disappointed with their attitude. The artist has long been of the opinion that women should support each other, not destroy each other. So she was disappointed that it was mostly women who remake her photos … Sean Penn gets married at Zoom, Kim Kardashian fights for his marriage

It’s a fact that people are trying to redo my face and my body in Photoshop so they can post it on their account and then wait for others to criticize me. They want me to feel bad about my appearance. That’s why I pray every day and God blesses me triple because, apart from the gossip, they are now Photoshopping me and trying to make me look bad in the photos the paparazzi took of me a few months ago. The worst part is that they are women. It’s sad that women are creating these rumors and trying to get people to criticize my appearance.

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