Cardi B manipulated by the Illuminati? Kanye West’s bombshell shakes the music industry! (VIDEO)

Kanye West, always a master in the art of making headlines, once again attracts the spotlight with resounding statements regarding Cardi B, dated 2018. While the Chicago rapper was recently at the heart of controversies in Italy with his wife Bianca Cesori, new revelations emerge about videos originally planned for a documentary on Kanye in 2018.

Over the phone, Kanye, also known as Yeezy, reveals a controversial perspective on Cardi B’s rise to fame. In comments relayed by Generations, he declares without restraint: “That’s what Cardi B is here for. Cardi B is a product of the Illuminati. She doesn’t write her own raps. She’s just there to look as ignorant as possible. And then make sounds like “b“Is ’em all” and take some money. She literally replaced Nicki Minaj. That’s what they put her there for. And now she doesn’t know what to do anymore. She has no pI have no idea what’s going on. She thinks it’s just a blessing from the universe.”

Turbulent context in Italy

These revelations come in the wake of a turbulent stay in Italy for Kanye West and Bianca Cesori. As rumors of a new album by the rapper circulate, these statements, from videos that should have been included in a documentary in 2018, add a layer of controversy to Kanye’s already tumultuous reputation.

Cardi B, winner of many successes in the music industry, is the main target of Kanye’s verbal attacks. Allegations that she is a “product of the Illuminati” and incapable of writing her own lyrics are not to be taken lightly. Kanye goes so far as to suggest that Cardi B has been positioned to replace Nicki Minaj in the music industry.

The rivalry with Nicki Minaj and the emergence of Cardi B

The rivalry between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj has been a hot topic in the hip-hop world. Kanye insinuates that this rivalry was orchestrated, pointing out that Cardi B was strategically placed to replace Nicki Minaj in a scheme hatched by dark forces.

Kanye’s statements could have significant repercussions on the career and reputation of Cardi B. Accused of being nothing more than a puppet of the Illuminati, these allegations are likely to provoke strong reactions in the music industry and among fans.

Thoughts on the Illuminati and the backstage of rap

These revelations shed light on the conspiracy theories that revolve around the Illuminati in the world of music, and more particularly in hip-hop. Kanye’s suggestion that Cardi B is a “product of the Illuminati” raises questions about alleged occult forces that could influence the music industry.

As Kanye West continues to make waves with his inflammatory statements, the music industry is witnessing another tumultuous episode. The accusations against Cardi B add a controversial dimension to a saga already rich in twists and turns. It remains to be seen how the protagonists will react to this new media storm triggered by the renowned provocateur, Kanye West.

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