Cardi B poses with a golden cage. This BAG is worth a fortune!

Cardi B
Author: Rex Features / East News

Cardi B recently announced that she is expecting a second child. The rapper’s belly is already big, but the star is not going to slow down. Not only does he not give up when it comes to work, but also regularly contacts his fans via social media. In the last video, Cardi B pays attention not only to herself, but also to her purse …

Cardi B does not give up and often surprises his fans. Even now, her thoughts are sure to revolve around the second child Cardi and her husband are expecting Offset. A video appeared on the rap star’s Instagram, in which she poses in a tight-fitting long leopard dress and a very interesting handbag.

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In her hand, Cardi B was holding a golden birdcage! As it turns out, the golden cage is nothing more than a handbag from the Chanel fashion house. This is a 2020 collection that is available on eBay for almost … $ 30,000!

And how do you like the Cardi B bag?


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