Cardi B prays for her daughter’s health. The culture got a severe allergic reaction

Cardi B
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In a few days, Cardi B and Offset’s daughter will be celebrating their third birthday. The family, however, cannot fully deal with the preparations for the party because the girl has health problems. The culture is highly allergic to a mosquito bite. Now, worried, Cardi B is praying for her daughter.

Cardi B is getting ready for the birth of her second child. Although a few months ago she announced that she was going to divorce Offset, the couple had another child. They are already raising their daughter Kulture together.

Culture will be 3 years old in a few days. The whole family is getting ready for a lavish birthday party. Unfortunately, now they had to take care of the girl’s health. Kuture is severely allergic to mosquito bites!


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Cardi B worried about her daughter’s allergy

Cardi B is eager to report her life to fans. Even when she’s worried. From her Twitter account, we learn that Kulture was bitten by a mosquito. This does not sound like the most serious problem in the world, but the most faithful fans remember that the girl is allergic.

I am so sad … Let me tell you a little bit about my day. I am so sad because my daughter was bitten by a mosquito again. I don’t know if you remember what happened a year ago. Have I shown you how my daughter’s eye was so swollen from a mosquito bite? Now the mosquito had bitten her again and both her eyes were swollen, she could barely open one of them. I’m so sad. Just looking at her face makes me cry, her dad almost cries too.

Cardi B also added that Kulture’s 3rd birthday party was to be held on Saturday. The rapper prays for the swelling to subside by now. We hope that in addition to praying, they also visited a doctor! And we wish Kulture health and a wonderful party.

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