Cardi B Releases “Hot Sh*t”, a single featuring Kanye West and Lil Durk

She’s back; and this time, with verses sharper than ever! As promised, the rapper Cardi B released this Friday (01), on the main digital platforms, his newest single. Entitled “Hot Sh*t“, the track is a partnership with rappers Kanye West and Lil Durk; and was announced during the BET Awards this year. Listen to the song below:

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However, if you’re expecting the new single to get a clip, it’s best to get that idea out of your head. In a recent live on Instagram, recorded by his fans, Cardi B was frustrated and upset with her team, who, according to her, had kind of “given up” on “Hot Sh*t” and, therefore, the release of the song will not come with a music video. She won’t do proper publicity either, she’ll just “release as is” and hope it’s successful.

Cardi B. Photo: Instagram @imcardib

“I wanted to cancel my release this week, because things are not being done as they should… I haven’t released a single for almost a year and three months, I think my last single was last February. But then, I thought, it’s too drastic…”, explained the rapper. Then she continued:

I’m going to release the song and I’m going to release the cover art and all that, but I’m not going to release a music video with this song… You know when you do promotion? I don’t feel like I want to do much this time… Because I’m so exhausted with everyone, tired of people not doing their jobs properly, tired of people doing things their way… I’m tired.

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Long time without releasing music, Cardi B know that “Hot Sh*t” is highly anticipated and she assures us that everyone will love the song and that it is a track quite unlike anything she has done so far.

“I’m going to release this song, if it does well, if it does well. I think it will do well because at the end of the day, the music is amazing. I love music! It’s something you’ve never heard from me before…”, he said. Finally, she concluded:

I think people expect a lot of bitching and blah blah blah… You keep saying that I make songs for TikTok and this and that… Definitely not this one! It’s a fun, great song. It’s masculine, it’s great for the clubs, for the bitches. And I’m going to release it, but unfortunately I’m not going to release it with a music video… I’m not in the mood for a lot of things.

Songs released in 2020 and 2021 could be on Cardi B’s new album

nobody messes with Cardi B and hopes that he will go on with life without receiving a good answer. Recently, the rapper had to fend off criticism for including some of her old songs in the tracklist of her new album.

Cardi B
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In a recent interview with Centrefold, cardi confirmed that the songs “WAP” and “Up”huge hits released in 2020 and 2021, respectively, will be on their long-awaited second studio album, still without a release date set.

With that, the rapper was criticized for “try to inflate the numbers” from their upcoming album by including both songs on the project’s tracklist.

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An already deleted tweet that exposed the strategy, very common in the current streaming era, caught the attention of cardi:

I blame the streaming era. Artists only do this to get certifications for their albums. I do not like this.

The rapper, of course, responded:

Stop acting innocent when you know it was you who was trying to riot. Why didn’t you say anything about other artists who recently put pre-pandemic music on their albums or people who had to put other people’s music on their albums… Imagine my biggest song not being on an album.

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